Why contraception is misogynistic (and gay)

One of the biggest falsehoods of the dominant cultural narrative of our time is the idea that traditional, time-tested sexual morality is intrinsically and irredeemably misogynistic, and that the liberal remedy of meaningless promiscuous sex – given a dangerous, false sense of sterility by carcinogenic condoms or hormonal contraceptives – constitutes a wonderful, liberating solution for women (try telling that to young girls who are essentially bullied into sexual acts they do not feel comfortable with, all to please males – how empowering!).

Well, I feel beholden to ask the question: on what planet is radically altering, and in effect neutralising, someone’s God-given reproductive faculties liberating? One of the defining characteristics of being female is the possession of a womb and thus the ability to carry and give birth to children; yet the purpose of contraception is to prevent pregnancy from occurring. The explicit purpose of contraception is to obstruct female reproductive processes, thus relegating women to the status of sex toys. How is that not appallingly misogynistic in nature? Why do feminists, whose raison d’etre is supposedly to raise awareness of female-specific issues, focus on completely ridiculous non-issues like manspreading, instead of on this very real and very important violation of female dignity?

In my experience, the most passionate advocates for contraception and ‘sexual liberation’ are a certain type of man – very promiscuous, commitment-phobic, unwilling or unable to hold down a romantic relationship for very long, and most significantly, self-declared male feminists who claim to care deeply for “women’s rights”, because they just love and care about women so, so much. They are rotten hypocrites, who absolve themselves of any guilt they may feel about how sub-optimally they treat the women in their own lives by preaching from the progressive pulpit to all and sundry. I once knew a leftie (who was even called Oliver…) who fits exactly this archetype: spent whole evenings flirting with girls who were not single in front of his own girlfriend, but assuaged whatever walnut-sized conscience he had by spouting the usual, often-recycled, empty feminist platitudes about “choice” and “consent” to anyone who would listen.

The reason these men approve of the idea of female promiscuity and contraception is not because they have great respect for women, as they claim. You see, loving and respecting something means to accept and embrace it; not to attack its fundamental characteristics. These men love an imaginary version of women, who are exactly the same as men, except physically; these men reject the very essence of what separates a female from a male – her ability to conceive and carry new human beings. You cannot have any meaningful, real respect for femininity if you are so petrified of one of its core defining features that you try and change it. It’s rather like how middle-class leftists profess to love the working classes, but actually love a romanticised image of the working classes, who are essentially just poorer versions of middle-class leftists, holding the exact same views on everything. But the reality is that the working classes generally hold an entirely apathetic view towards, for instance, the rampant LGBT agendas the middle classes are so obsessed with, and that they actually take a downright antipathetic view of multiculturalism and mass immigration – which the middle classes cannot accept, just like the male liberals cannot accept female fertility, so they seek to suppress and neutralise it instead.

Promiscuous, contraceptionist men are petrified of female biology, of the creative potential of the female body, and so contraception is a mechanism they seek to use to control and suppress these things. When a man has sex with a woman, from the moment of climax, all control of the situation is taken away from him. He has surrendered his genetic material to his partner, and the internal processes of her body will dictate whether she conceives or not – the man has no natural influence over whether the woman will bear his offspring or not after the point of ejaculation.

Removing this (as contraception attempts to do), and giving men the option to have unprotected sex without the implicit possibility of pregnancy (not that contraception is 100% effective, but it is marketed as being so), puts women into a very dangerous, difficult situation. Men can walk away from a sexual encounter and not think about it ever again; women who have sex always bear the risk of becoming pregnant, and the impact of pregnancy reverberates for life – the woman either carries the child to birth, or has an abortion, which very often psychologically scars the mother for life. It is, therefore, absolutely crucial for the well-being of women for communities and society at large to strictly regulate sexuality by enforcing strict codes of sexual conduct which everyone is expected to adhere to; something natural, sane societies have always done, but which, I am afraid to say, the insane dystopia we all currently endure does not.

Healthy social attitudes towards sex, which are properly enforced, provide invaluable protection for women. The context of a properly functional society built upon the foundation of a proper moral code that goes beyond mere “consent” helps to ensure that women who become pregnant are provided with the protection, support, and stability they are going to need, by effectively barring men who are not prepared to commit for life to their partner from having access to sex, which is one of mankind’s most powerful motivators. This ensures that women are not left high and dry, unsupported, holding the baby, which is never anywhere close to ideal for the mother or for the baby.

Contraception removes all of these essential safeguards. It has given rise to the extremely destructive idea that the force which literally creates life can be sanitised and transformed into a frivolous pastime; it cannot. What it does is encourage promiscuous sex, putting women (and any resultant children, who will almost certainly be aborted or grow up in a broken home) in dangerous, difficult situations that can be entirely avoided with a little bit of self-discipline – it’s a radical thought, I know, but if you don’t want to have children, then you could practise abstinence.

Men who apologise for contracepted sex are, in actuality, undisciplined, desperate, frightened little boys, waging a war on nature, trying to assert male control over the female body (which is ironic, considering that when it comes to abortion, the same men disingenuously insist they have “no right” to be anything but pro-choice, because it’s not their body). Men have no natural right whatsoever to exercise any control over the female reproductive processes, but liberal men endorse contraception because it provides an artificial safety net, enabling women to debase themselves and engage in casual sex, and also because it is a way of allowing them to indulge in such sex whilst also evading the consequences that would be a lot more likely to occur without contraception; essentially, contraception is a tool to enable men to treat women as living, breathing masturbation machines.

Well, you know, I am a man, and I have a higher opinion of women than that: my best friends throughout life have been female, and I think they – and all women – deserve an awful lot better than using contraception, which puts them at significantly increased risk of all sorts of medical issues, including strokes, heart diseases, blood clotsbrain cancerclogged arteries, and even clinical depression. A man who genuinely loves women acknowledges, accepts, respects, and embraces the life-creating capabilities of their bodies; he does not try and mould them into more convenient sex objects for his own gratification, by encouraging them to sterilise themselves with poisonous chemical cocktails.

I have to add as an afterthought that one cannot help but notice that, as well as being misogynistic, there is more than a hint of the homosexual about men who advocate the use of contraception. It is well-known that gay men find the female form not just unattractive, but repulsive as well; even this extremist feminist website admits that fact (tedious disclaimer: not all gay men… just 99%). Gay men just cannot fathom why straight men are attracted to females; they find the external reproductive organs disgusting.

Well, heterosexual men who engage in promiscuous, contracepted sex with women may not be homosexual in the sense of being attracted to other men, and they may be aroused by the female form, but they are absolutely petrified of the internal female reproductive organs; they are scared stiff of what the womb leads to – babies, commitment, sacrifice, selflessness… in other words, proper adulthood.

One of the most notable traits of homosexual relationships is that they are completely and unchangeably sterile; there is no potential for procreation. This is what contraception does to opposite-sex relations – it almost totally removes the creative potential of heterosexual intercourse, rendering it at best completely pointless, but at worst – and more typically – very damaging, leaving a trail of destruction in the form of dead babies and broken hearts in its wake.

I will allow Henry Makow to better encapsulate exactly what I mean:

“Forget about what you normally think of gay or straight (same-sex , opposite sex attraction etc.) Think of heterosexuality as monogamous and dedicated to rearing children; homosexuality as promiscuous and concerned with sex for its own sake.

Heterosexuality involves bonding permanently with a member of the opposite sex for love and usually procreation. It is participating in the natural life cycle, in the intrinsic meaning of life. Personal and societal health depend on heterosexuality.

Homosexuality is a form of arrested development caused by an inability to form a heterosexual bond. As a result, homosexuals compensate using sex as a surrogate for love.”


Does what Henry is saying there about homosexuality not apply perfectly to contracepted, promiscuous heterosexual sex, too? Sex within the context of a loving, committed marriage, with the consequences fully explored, understood, and embraced, is great; sterile, meaningless sex between people who barely know each other – sex for sex’s sake – serves no purpose, and has the capacity only to harm. The comparisons are absolutely clear, and it can be in no doubt that contracepted heterosexual sex shares more in common with homosexual sex than it does with natural sex within an appropriate, loving context.

Seriously, men, please – if you genuinely care about women, please don’t endorse contraception or casual sex, because it is degrading and damaging for women. Let’s create a culture that cherishes female fertility and treats it with the delicacy it requires and deserves, rather than treating it like something terrible to be afraid of.



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