The bigotry of British universities

Judging by the title of this entry, you’re probably expecting one of those abundant angst-ridden, fantastical screeds from cosseted, left-wing extremist students, bemoaning non-existent white supremacy and oppressive conservative elements in the establishment.I’m going to rant about how universities are systematically biased against minorities, aren’t I?

Well, no, actually.

Claiming that a covert coven of national socialists and Christian fundamentalists are in control of our culture, as delusional leftists constantly do, would be absurd; to do so would require one to ignore the fundamental realities of British society in 2016. A country in which gays have the same right to marriage as heterosexual couples; in which 185,824 babies were aborted in 2015; in which a pernicious promiscuous sex culture reigns supreme and contraception is as easily available as paracetamol; in which record levels of immigrants are allowed in every year; and in which only 30% of people practice a faith, is clearly not a bastion of the traditional, conservative, family values that the enlightened young revolutionaries despise so much; no matter how much they scream from the rooftops.

So, no. I’m not here to whine at length about imaginary conservative bogeymen, like every terribly original sociology student up and down this country; I’m here to talk about the real source of intolerance, division, and hatred in our education system: the left.

Last week, I published a piece on this blog detailing the obscene ‘culture’ and complete social degradation I was exposed to in my brief time at university. To my mind, this moral breakdown is the biggest problem in UK universities; closely followed by the strong Marxist, atheist, materialist, moral relativist bias so prevalent in our education system. In this article, I will be exposing that side of my short-lived university-level education; and bringing in some examples from the FE college I graduated from in support of my views.

Attending my first Philosophy lecture, I was expecting a nice, gentle introduction to the discipline of epistemology. The reasons I chose to study Philosophy are simple: I am terrible at STEM subjects and find them boring (I got an A in English and an E in Maths – smashing gender stereotypes everywhere!), and I thought Philosophy would be relatively free of the Marxist taint when compared to other Humanities subjects, like History. Philosophy, I thought, would be more about learning concepts and methods to apply, rather than, for example, History, which I’d studied at college and was very much about imprinting a certain view of a specific event or time period on the student. I foolishly thought I would be relatively safe from left-wing political dogma in Philosophy, but no – within 5 minutes, during talking about how to identify weak and fallacious arguments, and an anti-immigration argument for exiting the European Union was used as a “random” (yeah, right) example of a ‘fallacious’ argument; the lecturer then veered wildly off-topic and spent the next 2 minutes rambling incoherently about the stupid sheep being led astray by evil men like Nigel Farage (because the Remainers weren’t at all influenced by the vast array of pro-Remain newspapers, television and radio stations, and politicians – not at all!). Not only was this grossly unprofessional because it’s a waste of time (he was being paid to transmit information on a specific subject, not exhibit the internal bitterness caused by his political views), but because it is condescending, belittling, and arrogant.

I’d had experience with this kind of smug political bias at college. I had the ‘pleasure’ of doing a Politics course in a British institution in the year leading up to the EU referendum; a delightful experience. My lecturer spent most of the year crying about Tory policies and pouring contempt on working-class people for voting UKIP – I should add that this man, like the vast majority of academics, is comfortably middle class and possesses a PhD. Hardly a great champion of the common man! Indeed, he demonstrated the hatred of those living in the middle-class bubble of academia for the working-class Briton on several occasions, imitating a white van man by putting on a stupid, exaggerated working-class Cockney accent and saying things like “bloody immigrants, coming over here, taking our jobs” – a sad, pathetic little joke he’d no doubt copied from some washed-up, unfunny comedian in the employ of the “impartial” BBC. In a class exercise, to prepare for the end-of-year exam which was on the EU, he drew up a list on the whiteboard of the pros and cons of exiting the EU. He filled the cons list, but left the pros list virtually blank, except for more “funny” jokes, like “they took r fish” and “immigruntz stowl my job” – clear mockery of working-class people.

Very nice, eh? It was, however, a proper glimpse at the heart and soul of the average bourgeois liberal: full of hatred for ordinary people.

Anyway, as a friend of mine said to me the other day, universities are so obsessed in this day and age with not ‘triggering’ anybody, and go to such ridiculous lengths as gender-neutral toilets to ensure that tiny minorities of people, such as transgenders, are not offended; but they have no problem with deliberately mocking and baiting people with opinions that do not conform sufficiently to the increasingly insane demands of political correctness. My lecturer had no idea who was in the class; he had no idea what opinions people held in secret (indeed, I voted UKIP at the last election), but he knew he had the authority – conferred by the establishment onto the employees of educational institutions – to mock any worldview that did not conform to liberal orthodoxy. It’s simple: minorities and liberals must not be offended, because their feelings are important; it’s fine to attack white conservatives, because they’re evil anyway. The implicit message contained in this is simple: some lives are worth more than others.

Fast-forward to university this year, and I had the misfortune to have been chosen to undertake a Sociology module (not something I ever would’ve chosen, I can assure you!). On the very first lecture, I was thrown right into the deep end, as it became apparent that this module was going to amount to little more than ridiculing our ancestors and people who still hold traditional views today. The lecture was about the origins of the discipline of Sociology in the Industrial Revolution and the Enlightenment. As one of those forced ice-breaking exercises everyone hates, the lecturer gave us a list of disasters – crop failure, death of livestock, fires, floods, boat sinking, etc – and asked us to write down what pre-Enlightenment people would have ascribed these events to, and to write down what post-Enlightenment people would have thought. Apparently, pre-Enlightenment people blamed everything on “witches”, “the devil”, “God”, “trolls”, and God knows what else; post-Enlightenment people, however, know everything. The science is settled, there are no more mysteries, and if you dispute that, you’re a backwards, superstitious idiot.

This lecturer also proceeded to enrage me with her sheer, brazen historical inaccuracy. She said that before the Enlightenment, people in feudalism were frightened of the priests, the aristocracy, and the government, because they viewed this power structure as having a divine right to rule. Apparently, our ancestors did nothing to improve their lives – they never rebelled, they never revolted, they never forced change. Nowadays, though, of course, people are courageous, and alert, and don’t take any nonsense from their leaders.


The treasonous Western establishment has pretty much ruined the community structure that once provided ample opportunities for people to live wholesome, fulfilling lives; people do nothing. Western governments haemorrhage money and men to fight Israel’s wars; people do nothing. There is a clear trial of evidence that came to light in the wake of the Savile business that serious sexual perversion runs all the way to the top of British society; people do nothing. I don’t think I need to go on – it’s pretty clear that modern people are sedate, and take whatever the establishment decides to dish out to them.

Our ancestors, on the other hand, were always willing to sacrifice themselves for noble causes, or even just to better their fortunes in life. Has this lecturer never read a history book? The history of England alone is FULL of riots, uprisings, and rebellions. It is arrogant, revisionist, supremacist nonsense to suggest that medieval and ancient people were passive cowards who were ignorant about everything.

But this warped version of history is typical of what academia promulgates, isn’t it? Everything upside-down and inside-out. There is a reason for this, and it is simple: to distort and degrade; to have people despising their own history, their own people, their own culture. People without these powerful anchors are rootless, easily manipulated, and malleable. Just like your average student.

Here’s the deal with university: if you are a conservative, a traditional Christian, or a UKIP-voter, you are fair game; the overprivileged, delusional, Marxwashed students (and staff!) have carte blanche to trigger you as much as they like. Do not expect any intellectual honesty, openness, or fairness in a school, college, or university. Expect to be insulted and belittled.





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